The Buddha’s message was very simple…

314710_342043052545049_1171178302_nI woke up thinking of something that Jetsün Khandro Rinpoche said in a lecture I have been listening to. She said something to the effect of:

 “The Buddha’s message was very simple, yet we have made it so very complicated over the last 2,600 years as we keep trying to find an exception (in our own case) to his simple instructions.”

When asked to summarize his teachings the Buddha said:

Avoid harm. Do good. Purify the Mind.

He also shared with us the law of karma:

Everything that has a cause has an effect, and wherever there is an effect, there is a cause.

We have to take full responsibility for all our acts of body, speech and mind. Nobody will do it for us and nobody can. If we want positive consequences, we have to put in place positive causes. We cannot get positive results from unskillful acts. It is really ‘that’ simple!

Another day has begun, allowing me to put into practice this simple instruction. Let’s see how complicated or simple I can make it today…and in which direction the scales tip by sundown…:)

It is up to each and every one of us to create our experience.

Love & Light!

About Dawa

I am a student of Yoga, Ayurveda, and Dharma. My intention with this blog is to write down all that I have learned along the way, in hopes that you will also find something to be helpful on your path, should you happen to find me. Love & Light!
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