Battling my ego…

Screen Shot 2013-05-18 at 11.19.36 AMI am always surprised when I get into a place of waging war with my ego…I know better, I can look at what I am doing, yet…at these times, I am still not able to wave the white flag.

It seems to happen when I have had some smooth sailing for a while and I feel like ‘glad that is over now’, like I have got this thing ‘down’. Then, there it is, rearing it’s ugly head, all geared up for battle…And…I keep it up, until I wear myself out and finally surrender…Not quite ‘there’ yet!

The story of the Siddhartha Gautama has been in the back of my mind these past many days now, when he is sitting under the Bodhi tree with all the arrows coming at him from all directions, and when they get close enough to hurt him, they turn into flowers and fall softly to the ground…

When we think we ‘got’ something, reality is there showing us — not so much!

Love & Light!

About Dawa

I am a student of Yoga, Ayurveda, and Dharma. My intention with this blog is to write down all that I have learned along the way, in hopes that you will also find something to be helpful on your path, should you happen to find me. Love & Light!
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2 Responses to Battling my ego…

  1. Steve says:

    Yes. For me, battling my ego is too often my ego battling my ego — difficult to circumvent. “True” (although evasive and elusive) surrender is apparently key. The few times I’ve been there were turning points in my life.

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