An ‘aha’ moment…

Screen Shot 2013-07-12 at 7.01.19 AMWhile at a lecture with my teacher last night, I had one of those ‘aha’ moments when things all of a sudden fall into place. I could see a specific piece of the puzzle clearly.

When I first met my teacher, I would sometimes ask him to please tell me that ‘everything would be all right’. Well — he did not ever say those words to me. I don’t think I ever asked him why, but I wondered to myself why not, as I did not think that was too big of a thing to ask for?

Well – last night a light turned on for me. (It amazes me how you can hear things numerous times, and never be able to put two and two together). Well, like they say enlightenment is sudden, but the path is gradual. That is the way of all things. Once we see something, it can no longer be ignored.

I could see that the reason he never said those words to me was because it is not ‘true’.

How could it possibly be true that ‘everything’ would be all right? We are all going to die. We are all going to encounter birth, disease, aging and death while here on earth. It is not going to be all right. And, however harsh it may sound (and many of us don’t even want to think about that reality) that is what is true.

The path to peace is traversed by each and every one of us — nobody can do it for us and nobody will. And, we are all capable of traversing this path by removing our afflicted emotions and wrong views.

One crucial aspect is through mind training.

Another is through understanding and accepting the law of karma (cause and effect), which is a universal law.

Another is through accepting rebirth. If we understand and accept that where there is a cause there is also an effect — how can we not ‘see’ that there was something ‘before’, and there will be something ‘after’. It is a cycle, which is the definition of samsara: the cycle of birth and death.

When we take full responsibility for all our actions of body, speech and mind, we take charge of our own lives. We gain the power to create our world!

Having lived most of my life in fear, I can after five years of study, contemplation and meditation say that I today have, to a great extent, freedom from fear. In taking responsibility for where I am today, and understanding that all that happens (and has happened to me) is of my own doing, I am free to create my life.

All IS well.

Love & Light!



About Dawa

I am a student of Yoga, Ayurveda, and Dharma. My intention with this blog is to write down all that I have learned along the way, in hopes that you will also find something to be helpful on your path, should you happen to find me. Love & Light!
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2 Responses to An ‘aha’ moment…

  1. dharma pen says:

    All is perfect as it is. I am perfect as I am. I’m so happy for you! This is wonderful…

  2. Dawa says:

    Indeed – Thank you Dharma Pen!

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