Freedom and Responsibility

Great Middle Way

images (10)To be free, in the worldly and the spiritual sense, it is essential to accept full responsibility for our thoughts, words, and deeds; recognize that it is impossible to avoid the consequences of our previous acts; and establish the necessary causes for our happiness.

Subordination to others —no matter how good and saintly they may appear at the moment— is highly  detrimental, because it allows us to avoid responsibility and turns us into willing victims of external powers.

By oneself is evil done;
by oneself is one defiled.
By oneself is evil left undone;
by oneself is one made pure.
Purity and impurity depend on oneself;
no one can purify another.

—Buda Sakyamuni

Without freedom, there is no responsibility. Without responsibility, happiness is impossible.

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About Dawa

I am a student of Yoga, Ayurveda, and Dharma. My intention with this blog is to write down all that I have learned along the way, in hopes that you will also find something to be helpful on your path, should you happen to find me. Love & Light!
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