New Jonang lineage

Lineage treeThe New Jonang Community is a western branch of Great Middle Way Buddhism. It arose, as with all Buddhist communities, from the teachings, example, and blessings of Buddha Shakyamuni. These were then transmitted through a lineage of realized Buddhist Masters, including the Indian Masters Nagarjuna, Asanga, and Vasubandhu, and the Tibetan Masters Kunchen Dolpopa and Jetsun Taranatha.

We use the term New Jonang to give the revitalized teachings of the Great Middle Way a distinct identity within the wider Buddhist world. By using this term, we make clear that practitioners of this community are following the teachings and example of Kunchen Dolpopa and Jetsun Taranatha. The word New is used not to imply that it is newly created, but rather that it is a presentation of the Dharma in a form that is appropriate to the needs and conditions of the modern world. By using the term Jonang, we encourage all to follow the perfect example of simplicity and purity of practice shown by the Jonang Khenpos.

May the sun that illumines the Mountain Dharma of Kunchen Dolpopa’s Great Middle Way, having risen in Tibet, now shine over the West.

By the merit accrued through the pure thoughts, words, and deeds of the Jonangpas, may the teachings, example, and blessings of Buddha Shakyamuni and the Buddha from Dolpo remain and flourish for the greater good and happiness of all beings.

kunchen jonangpa chenno

–Tashi Nyima (Great Middle Way)

2 Responses to New Jonang lineage

  1. Rafael says:

    Dear, thank you so much for posting this good image! We are practicing the Jonang Kalachakra-Ngöndro in Graz since last year and we had an image with much worser resolution. Great happiness to be able to see now all details of the Jonang field of merit.

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