Tibetan Vajra Yoga

Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 7.42.48 AMVajra Yoga is the confluence of centuries of ancient Indian, Chinese, and Tibetan practices.

It is a complete practice cycle, and is sufficient to achieve and maintain body-mind fitness.

It includes self-massage and acupressure, postures, stretching, dynamic movement, breathwork, gestures, locks, mantra recitation, progressive relaxation, and meditative contemplation, to center the practitioner and align body, energy, and mind.

Vajra Yoga hones the practitioner’s faculties and supports the manifestation of natural perfection.

2 Responses to Tibetan Vajra Yoga

  1. Söndar says:

    om svasti
    Thanks for your explanations, dear sister… As i am so physically far away from Tashi-la -and he is so busy with so many responsibilities- anything from a true and valuable fountain is a step fowards for me.
    Sönam Darguie

    • Dawa says:

      Thank you for those words Söndar!
      Where are you located, and how long have you been a student of Tashi la’s? I am glad to be walking beside you with such a amazing teacher…
      Love & Light!

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